Tired of Sweating or Freezing While You Drive?

Bring in your car for air conditioning and heating service in Hickory, NC

When your heater or AC unit goes out, driving can quickly become miserable-especially with North Carolina's unpredictable weather. That's why the crew at Springs Road Car Care offers fast and effective car air conditioning and heating service. Our team based in Hickory, NC will have your AC blowing cool air and your heater warming your car in no time.

Call 828-328-4057 today to make an appointment for auto AC repair or heater repair.

auto AC repair and heater repair Hickory, NC

Trust us to get control of your car's temperature

When you get our comprehensive auto AC repair and heater repair, your vehicle should start feeling comfortable again in no time. Not sure what's wrong with your car? We'll perform heating and cooling system diagnostics and find out whether you need:

  • Air conditioning repair or service
  • Heating repair or service
  • Belt repair or replacement
  • Compressor repair or replacement
  • Evaporator repair or replacement

The experienced team at Springs Road Car Care will find out why your car isn't heating or cooling and make the necessary repairs. Schedule your car for air conditioning or heater service in Hickory, NC as soon as possible.